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Wax Set

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Our Wax Set offers everything you need to properly prep your paintwork for a high quality glossy wax finish. The set includes the following:

1 x Wax

Q² WAX is an extremely glossy wax for any colour with outstanding hydrophobic properties. What makes it stand out, is extremely easy application and wipe off, making it a real pleasure to use. Read More

1 x Prep (500ml)

Q²M Prep is a necessary supplement for preparing a vehicle for coating application. It enables elimination of any oily residues, thus creating a smooth, antistatic surface. Q²M Prep has strong cleansing and degreasing properties, making the preparation of the vehicle for any detailing activities much easier and more efficient. Read More

1 x Polish Wipe

It has two sides, with two different lengths of fiber. It’s edgeless and fabricated with the latest laser-cutting technology, for the safety and durability of the fiber itself. And surely it’s one of the best microfibers on the market, when it comes to removing wax, polishing pastes and all types of oily residue. No matter whether you’re in the middle of your paint correction or would just like to use it with Q²M Prep before applying the coating. Read More

1 x Clay Bar (Mild)

The traditional clay bar remains one of the most effective solutions available for dealing with heavily ingrained dirt on vehicle paintwork. The Gyeon clay bar is extremely chemical resistant and may be used with our highly concentrated Clay Lube. Read More

1 x Clay Lube

The Clay Lube is totally neutral and developed to work with any type and manufacture of claybars. It does not affect the clay and remains safe for the most delicate bars. At the same time it does not cause any staining on the paint! Read More