PPF (Paint Protection Film)

Are you sick of road chips? Do you often drive by trees that can scratch the paint? Are you afraid someone might use a key to scratch your car? Have you experienced your door getting banged around the car parks? Keeping your car in perfect condition will be a lot easier with the help of Car Detail LongMile Road and our top-quality paint protection films.

Skyfol PPF Value

Skyfol PPFNano Valueis a highly flexible and an easy-to-install paint protection film, which is at the same time a good va­lue-to-money product.

Skyfol Value PPF

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Economical protection

This film will protect your car from scratches and stone chips, while it gives your car the perfect shine and gloss. An optimal and reliable economic solution for protecting your car.

Thanks to its special manufacturing technology, its surface gloss is perfect, so it blends in perfectly with the factory paint. It provides effective and invisible protection for your car.


Skyfol PPF Nano3

The latest member of the Skyfol paint protection film family is the Nano3  which has all the excellent properties of Nano 2.0 in an improved way!

Nano3 Self healing Nano Cooated PPF

Excellent hydrophobicity

Skyfol Nano3 is even more hydrophobic as previously the Nano 2.0 paint protection film and its outstanding self-healing property tells it apart from other paint protection films.

Nano3 gives high-glossy look to your vehicle and makes the surfaces resistant against contamination.

Similarly to all Skyfol PPF products, Nano3 is based on a thermo polyurethane raw material and treated by a hydrophobic nanotechnology coating.


Skyfol PPF Nano Elite

From the Skyfol PPF range, this is the primarily recommended film to protect your white or light-coloured car. Also you can Choose in Matt/Satin finish!

nano Elite Gloss PPF

nano Elite Matt PPF

Say goodbye to contamination

The newest generation of Skyfol paint protection films,PPF Nano Elite is the result of lengthy product development, and it opens a whole new dimension into PPF materials. Are you looking for a truly premium-quality product that will protect the original paintwork of your car for long years? Skyfol PPF Nano Elite will not let you down.


The biggest problem with paint protection films in the past was the cleanability. The very first materials (in the 1990s) became yellow within a few weeks because they were made of non-heat-stabilized polyurethane.

With the emergence of heat stabilized raw materials (in the 2000s), the industry of such films advanced a lot, but on white cars, even these materials started to turn yellow in a few months, and dirt easily burned into the surface, making cleaning impossible.

It was a major breakthrough when the first clear coated paint protection films appeared in 2010, which were yellowing-free and had a self-healing feature.

Self-healing means that microscratches generated during use will disappear when exposed to heat, as the top layer of the coating can reorganize itself.

The most advanced raw materials today, the so-called water-repellent films have further increased the benefits of clear coated films. By adding nano particles to the coating, no contamination could get into the surface structure; this is a similar technology to ceramic coatings. The result is a surface that is easier to clean than paintworks, and can provide surface protection at the same time.

Like all Skyfol PPF products,Nano is also made of heat-treated polyurethane. It is treated with water repellent nanotechnology. Thanks to the coating, it is self-healing, so the microscopes that melt the surface disappear from it, always giving perfect light to your car.

Choose Skyfol PPF Nano film for truly invisible protection for your car, providing easy cleaning at the same time.

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Skyfol Nano series PPF, is a clear film applied just like a wrap on top of your car's paint, which is highly resistant to contaminants such as water marks, insects, bird droppings, salts, oils, magnesium, chloride, and exhaust gas. The film protects the body of the car from minor stone chips, surface scratches, damage caused by car wash brushes and other similar impacts, and eliminates tiny surface scratches in the film with the help of "self-healing" technology.


- Super Glossy Appearance

- Water Repellent Coating

- Scratch Protection

- Preserves Paint

- Easy to Clean

- Maintains Resale Value

- Self Healing

- Easy to Remove


For a front end PPF (Front Bumper, Bonnet, Wings,Headlights & Mirrors) you can expect a price between €1200 - €2000)

Bugs, Stone Chips and other Road Debris are most likely to hit the front end of the car which is why we recommend this package the most.

Price per panel starts at €300. Certain vehicles have really complex panels, curves and contours. PPF installation is very difficult, time consuming, very intricate, and costly.


It will take 2 days for a full front end PPF to be applied.

If you're going to put PPF on the whole car, it could take up to a week.