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The C-Coat Fallout & Iron Remover is a pH neutral iron & fallout remover which dissolves and removes iron brake dust particles and fallout from paint, wheels, chrome etc.

  • Easy to apply: spray it – wait – wash!
    - Safe for all surfaces: paintwork, wheel, glass and chrome parts
    - pH neutral, gel-like, sprayable liquid
    - Extra strong formula: dissolves all iron contamination quickly Professional cleaning solution for workshops and car owners

WARNING! The use of the product on hot surfaces or in direct sunshine is forbidden!

Instructions for use:
1. Spray the wheel/surface uniformly with the Iron&Fallout Remover.
2. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes.
3. Distribute it on the wheels and also on the edges of door frames if necessary in order to spread the compound everywhere
4. Rinse with high pressure washer
5. Wash the car with shampoo.
6. Rinse again.
7. Repeat the process if needed

750 ml | 5 L