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C-COAT Ceramic Coat 50ml

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C-Coat ceramic coating  50ml  : 

  • Enhances the performance and durability of the film
  • Elevates the surface shine and texture of your car
  • Provides exceptional ease of cleaning due to its extreme water-repellent properties
  • Prevents corrosive contaminants from discoloring the film

The durable protection

Professional grade ceramic coating. Extremely durable and hydrophobic – suitable not only for paint: the best and most reliable solution for PPF and car wrap film as well. Makes the car easier to clean and protects against severe contamination.

Durability up to 3 years

Fast curing time

Extremely hydrophobic

50 ml

How to use:
Split larger areas into smaller sections, starts hardening rapidly. Linear motion, no cross action needed. Curing time is 24 hours. Suitable for PPF and car wrap films, too!

Extremely hydrophobic and easy to clean

Entry level ceramic coating. Can be used as an annual renewing coating for C-COAT Pro, or as a main coating for a shorter period.


Easy application

Durability up to 12 months


How to use:
Easy to apply and to wipe off, can be applied on paint, chrome, wheels, and plastic.


Protection on glass

Creates an invisible water-repellent layer on the windshield, which will withstand water and contamination, making it easier to clean, allowing easy & quick removal of insects and ice.

Easy removal of contamination, bugs, and ice

Clear, no distortion

Good visibility in all weather conditions 

Durability up to 12 months

50 ml

How to use:
Apply on thoroughly cleansed glass only, in linear or circular motion. Apply at least 2 layers. Wipe off excess coating right after the application as it hardens immediately. In case the residue gets too sticky and hard to wipe off, spray a small amount of high-quality glass cleaner on the microfiber towel. Let dry for 2 to 4 hours before handing over the car.