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Bleeding Rim 600ml

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Iron & Fallout Remover Bodywork And Wheels

Neutral pH7
Innovative and professional Deironizer remove brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle
The active ingredients turn red colour that is created when the product comes into contact with dirt.
Product has a gel consistency and it is so thick that it easily penetrates the whole surface of the wheel rim while slowly streaming down through it.
Suitable for: paintwork, wheels, aluminium, chrome and glass
Now available also with cherry fragrance!

1. Spray the product on dirty parts of the wheel rim/bodywork
2. Wait about 2-3 minutes until the product will fully work. First signs of the red colour should be visible after a few moments.
3. Wash down the with highly pressured water
Additional information:
Bleeding Rim you can Pre-Wash the bodywork with CAR MAX TenziTFR Foam and/ or APC OUT Tenzi
Do not leave to dry!

Safety Data Sheet