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APC OUT Concentrate

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APC OUT concentrate. Pre-wash power cleaner.

Very effective and quickly acting product for preparing a car body for major manual washing by dissolving the heaviest dirt.
It removes not only tarry contamination but also of organic dirt and oil-based stains.

How to apply the product:
1. Prepare 10-20% solution depending on the heaviness of the contamination and pour it into the sprayer.
2. Spray car body, especially lower parts and tires.
3. Wait approx. 1-2 minutes for the product to dissolve the dirt. Do not let it dry.
4. Rinse car body with demineralized water if possible.
5. The car is now ready for manual washing.

It is good to know that:
1. For professional application we recommend to use a hand pump sprayer.
2. For efficient washing of tires it is better to clean the surface with a brush.

What you need to know:
1. Use carefully, because the product may partly remove the existing coating, especially lighter waxes.
2. To secure the coating use lighter solutions or leave it for shorter period of time.

Safety Data Sheet